Making dumplings (jiaozi)

Allison Yen

"You cannot get this type of food anywhere else. It is the most interesting meal we've had - porcini truffles & taiwanese oyster omelette all in one sitting - whoever said there can only be one cuisine style in one sitting??"

Peking style duck breast

Cindy Lind & Shungo Matsuo

"What a lovely job, this meal would've cost so much more in a nice restaurant."

" We know Sok is really uncompromising about quality ingredients, she uses the best!"


Evan N Anderson

"So professional & passionate, they thought of everything. Not an empty glass, nor an empty belly in the house.... i fell asleep on the couch while they cleaned up and i woke up to leftover breakfast in the fridge"

Snapper, Fresh Giant Perch, Catfish

Thumbtack Reviews

"We had the most amazing experience having Finders Keepers cater our customized dinner party! Sok prepared a feast of..."

Galangal-Shallot-Lemongrass Spice Paste w Garam Masala & Curry Powder

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